Saturday, March 25, 2006

stuck in san jose because my eyes were swollen shut and still mostly are and i'm stuck on the phone with expedia trying to get out of this city...and now it seems that i'm on a red-eye to atlanta then to indy where chris will pick me up in the morning and i need antibiotics for my eyes but i'm NOT going to an er and i can't find a saturday clinic that's open so i'm just going to sleep more...and hope for the best and i'm realizing that i'm so super broke it's unbelieveable as i get more emails about more stuff i need to put up the cash for and...i guess it will all get worked out somehow.

and i woke up having had dreams crossed with nightmares and realizing thatcaroline laughs and
it's raining all day
she loves to be one of the girls
she lives in the place
in the side of our lives
where nothing is
ever put straight
she turns herself round
and she smiles and she says
'this is it'

'that's the end of the joke'
and loses herself
in her dreaming and sleep
and her lovers walk
through in their coats
pretty in pink, aren't i?

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