Wednesday, March 29, 2006

another trip to the drugstore to learn that they STILL don't have aosept and now i see that it's a whole fuck up at ciba and they are majorly behind in production or that they aren't producing now or maybe's so frustrating because that's like the only contact solution that doesn't give me allergies...and the alternatives are behind my swollen eyes the other morning...rrrr...

god i'm so fucking tired it's insane. i'm trying to keep up with everything and then i get some email asking me to do some useless grading exercise and i want to throw things again and scream at the no end. i mean wtf...can we just get through this semester without any more grading arguments? i know...let's just give everyone an "a" and go home because nothing at all is going to get solved by continuing to go around and around and around all of this. if i get one more email *requesting* that i pretend grade something i will...what? ignore it?

so how am i supposed to get this dissertation done while all this other crap is happening and i swear to god if the transcriptionist calls one more time i will...what? ignore it?

can someone put me into a sleep chamber until next week? next month?

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