Tuesday, March 21, 2006

tired...surprised to see sleepless standing in front of me as i chatted with the omnious guys during the lunch break and i stormed into the ms tutorial and shouted hey losers and marcos gave me a big hug and then john told me oh yeah, btw, you guys took all our power for your tutorial and said that i was on the outs until i returned it so i said, yeah, yeah, you'll get it back at 6 is that cool? and i had too many drinks today but it's the first heavy drinking day so i should be fine in the morning and i got a deja vu in one all day where i knew, yes, this is an amalgam of all those past and the mercury level's toxic for sure but i've taken so much poison in this life that who could know what anything could do at this point but i'm older now...and games...are just that.

would i really be a booth babe if i were at e3?

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