Saturday, March 25, 2006

i'm so achy and tired yet i keep blogging because there's so much to say but then i get tired and just publish a post that's as random as hell (as usual)...i guess to sum up the gdc, i'd say that for the sig, it was as successful as we could have hoped. and, yeah, we were bold and gutsy and pushy and sometimes we annoyed each other too but we were all doing it because we're for the same cause but we also have our own groups we're responsible for and that always gets in the way...the things like rules and professional and seriousness that often keep us bouncing back and forth and fighting for time and plying people with our own sets of business cards and trying to keep up with enormous stacks we've received from others...and i both hate and love the lobbying game...i hate it because it removes the human in us...i love it because at least it is some sort of interaction with mass amounts of people...but i love the informal silly moments better...i enjoy when we can sit back and relax and remind each other that there's more to us than the labels we hide behind, we promote, we affiliate with...there must be, right?

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