Sunday, March 26, 2006 know those spams that you get which include a whole bunch of random words so it can try to get past the spam blockers? anyway, i think we (i) should start collecting the accidental poetry of spam: vertigo, vicious
a spare part
stake honor roll
there was organization
a categorical sleuth
awakening mulch
purchaser, cabaret, impeach,
a regal of close-up rapture
brought tantalizing
the wedding hilarious
executioner as doorway
thrive the disaster people
the playoff arable
control tower
surgeon muddled
emigrant social studies
painstakingly sordid sellout
farm, a statutory end zone
a mute corruption
altruistic, fidgety, negotiable
girl scout rally
crack lantern first lady
pelvic as imperialism
affiliated, harelip mortgage
in a sweatshirt hungrily
a coagulation
ok, maybe not...

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