Monday, June 05, 2006

xyzal...the name you know

xyzal...the name you know
Originally uploaded by vrgrrl. know...for allergies? how exactly is this pronouced? zzzal? i guess. maybe it's the "xyz" (the end) of "al" (allergies)? those's probably pronounced spam. you know me and other languages...just second nature. ;)

speaking of drugs...anyone out there who has tried topamax (a.k.a. topiramate)? i know it's used for seizures and now migraines...and off label uses include bipolar. these migraines are killing me and i'm sick of taking so many fucking pills. seriously. mo said something recently about hoping to go free and clear of them before she leaves for germany and i've toyed with that idea before myself. yeah, i know. i can't go off them. but it would be *really* nice to cut down on the apartment pharmacy if there's something that could cover multiple things well.


Mo said...

yeah i decided thats not happening. i had a bad week recently and decided that i dont even want to mess with it right now.

VRGirl said...

yeah, i know what you mean. that's a big reason why i don't even feel like i can risk going off them. that and i know what it's like for me without them. for others, taking a break or going off them forever works. but i think you have to time it right and not have a whole lot going on. i'm thinking that in germany there shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially given past/present us military presense there. worst case see if your doctor will prescribe ahead for the year and/or if you can order from a (legit) online pharmacy like for overseas delivery.