Tuesday, June 13, 2006

blue shit in hyper disco pink

blue shit in hyper disco pink
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sleepy thanks to the sedative they gave me before the mri and i wish that they'd said that they did indeed upload your brain photos to snapfish to pick up at the local walgreens. no, nothing's wrong (i think) but because of the increase in migraines lately i needed another mri to rule out anything else since it's been ten years since the last one and now we're considering dopamax (insider lingo for topamax).

i've gotta get a new phone now because now mine's gone and, great, that means i've lost 1000s of phone numbers but what can you do? maybe i'll get a blackberry and be a hyper geek? nah, too pretentious. but i do like the new thin phones so maybe i'll get one of those?

so much stuff to do right now and i just want to sleep so maybe i will be able to do some of it when i wake back up.

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Mo said...

a bunch of the people in my office have blackberries... i dont even have a phone with a color screen. and yes the ring is beeps and boops.