Tuesday, June 20, 2006

so one of these days i'll get a professional website back up so i can put up some of the stuff that i'm involved in. speaking of, our panel just got accepted to SIGGRAPH's gaming sandbox so we're going to boston at the end of july...so, wow, the sig's made ACM SIGGRAPH now!

i'm not sure why i took my old website down other than it was soooooo moldy that i couldn't bear to look at it anymore. but i have to get my chops back up in the web world, now, i think. that's the fight for me. to announce successes? well, that's asking for trouble.

josh told me today that some of my articles have been put up in the department...huh? he meant the newspaper article, which i didn't know they'd put up, plus some other article that i don't know anything about...i guess i should go over and look. but that would smack of pride...and we don't do that in this family.

oh why is it so difficult for women to accept that something done well, something that gets notice...might just not be a fluke. instead, we bury it...and we look toward the next failure that we can beat ourselves up about...

oh...if i could somehow teach my wimse's how not to do that, how not to fall into that trap of "if bad = true than good = false"...maybe we need a feminist consciousness raising book club this year?


Mo said...

well im proud of what im doing this summer and next year.. ill tell anyone who listens :D

Erin said...

Congrats on SIGGRAPH! Hope you have a good time in Boston, you deserve it. If you're interested in some good, inexpensive places to eat in the Boston area, let me know.

VRGirl said...

erin -- thanks on the congrats about siggraph! yeah, should be fun - let me know about good places to eat! :)

mo -- you definitely should be proud of what you are doing! i guess i'm in a weird space personally right now where i feel this detachment to the things i've done, like they never happened. so i'm thinking that i need to get stuff back in the public web space and start re-marketing myself. even my resume is out of date by a year so i just need to put stuff out there and not think that it's overly prideful to do that.

so i was thinking that next year in wimse i might have foreign film nights alternating with films with pro-woman messages and re-visit an idea that i tried two years ago that never got off the ground, which is building resumes and professional websites. then it would help me out too. :)