Friday, June 02, 2006

finnish windows

finnish windows
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not sure why i take so many pictures of doors and windows. christine used to say something or another having to do with my poetic soul. maybe. you know i haven't had a photoshoot of c-u day in a while...when will the weather be nice but not 100 degrees again?

there's also been a lot of tasty sticker graffiti i've found around the town and the campus...why do i always forget to document the world i live in? dr b? help on this one?


Mo said...

because its there for you to see everyday.

i found out what those pipes are called. something very specific. but its definetly for the fire dept... so they dont have to take the hoses all the way from their truck they can just do it on whatever floor they want. when the building is being built and theres no water in the system theres a place outside for the pumper trucks to hook up to :) see, im learnding!!! apparently, if you try to shut off someones water in the trump building, there are these tamper switches that tell the fire dept when that happens so they can come fix it :D
because im sure this is all very interesting to you

VRGirl said...

it is...but some day it won't be and that's when i'll wish i had the pictures to bring back the memories of the every day life...guess it's that gotta stop, smell roses thing...or sewage or random plumbing parts...

ahhhhhhh...the answer to the random pipage in buildings!!! that's a very smart design...really! you'll be able to come back to school and call bullshit on professors when you realize "oooooh...they actually have no INDUSTRY experience." think about how must we saw guy at GDC...he was the rare prof there BUT he also was very much on the periphery. so, say, you could consider him to be an active professor because he actually does attend the odd industry event. the rest? all theory, no action.

Mo said...

well it seems like the majority of my professors (for cee) have been doing environmental research... which is important, but i will probably only see what they work on really convalutedly (IF that is, indeed, a word).. like i know the research is done so someone can come up with certain systems, but as to whether it the researchers that come up with the systems, i have yet to find out.