Tuesday, June 20, 2006

so nina simone's been popping up on the soundtrack radar a LOT lately...on tv...in movies...it's not the first time, probably not the last (i hope not, anyway). but what's causing this craving for nina all of the sudden. maybe it's the bottom dwelling of our current political situation? some mutual feeling that we'd be better off living some place else? where? i have no idea.

two redbulls and a ton of advil and pamprin to try, try, try to get ahead of the pain that's around the corner and i just got the bill for april's surgery...$3120.00...and that's just the beginning of the bill's stacking up. yeah, that's pretty cheap for a surgery but it was out patient so that helped. $3120...shit. that's more than i'll make all summer. oh...snap. that's sad.

just got an email from the geo, the grad student union, wanting to hear our healthcare nightmare stories in prep for some big showdown with the university administration. this time around they seem like they want to make the case that sometimes students have REAL health issues (as opposed to those in the "real world") and i swear to fucking god...if the administration here really thinks that we are somehow free from health issues by being in grad school...well, fuck, they need to get their brains checked out. wonder if THEIR insurance covers that? if so, then i'll just assume that they must have never had any kind of health problem UNTIL NOW when obviously they are dealing with their own memory loss about being a student...

...its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me
...and I'm feelin good

ba. da dah. da dah. da dah dah da dah da dah...

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