Thursday, April 13, 2006

so...i'm perplexed. when you hear something in a lecture that makes you go WTF???? and you are a TA? what are you supposed to do, exactly? here's the big secret -- sometimes professors don't know everything. yes, i know you think i jest. but it's true. i live with one. trust me. but even if you don't...just assume all this is true for a second.

at around 11:30am US central time, you should have heard a loud boom. that was my head exploding as i heard one of the most crazy things i have ever heard. i'm not going to say what it was, as this is not the right forum for that. but it was insane. take my word for it. i mean i didn't even know what to do in my discussion section after that. we just sat outside and picked at the grass and talked about random shit. seriously random shit. then i spent 15 minutes trying to remember where i parked. i mean when you have a blow to your head that severe, some memory loss is expected, as well as vertigo and nausea.

then you might have heard a crash at around 4:45pm US central time. that was my jaw hitting the ground when it was repeated in a meeting. how come students just don't take our word for things? well...maybe because IT WAS THE CRAZIEST SHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. and HELL YEAH i want some fucking references. can you cite that for all of us please?

i mean...what...the...fuck????

i feel ill. seriously ill.


Mo said...

yeah this isnt as extreme, but one of my professors writes on the board all lecture, but he usually misspells words and stuff, but the worst part is when he writes equations were supposed to use, he, more often then not, writes them completely wrong. its hard when you use your note to study and theyre wrong... :/

Richard said...

aw, please send it to me by email? I really want to know what made you pick at the grass....

VRGirl said...

yeah...if you make a mistake, be big enough to admit it and for fuck's sake, let your TAs or students call you on it if you are wrong. i mean we all (ALL) make mistakes and ok, so what? but if you really take your students down a completely insane path, at least sit and think "wow, know, it's possible i'm wrong so let's all figure this out together." it only results in a more human and humane learning environment and, hell, i think we learn more from challenging our potential mistakes together to find the true solution(s).

and, yes, if you want the reason for picking at the grass...just ask. :)