Thursday, April 06, 2006

here's how thursdays have worked out for me this semester: me = passing out.

so i passed out again this morning and missed my class and someone called 911 and the next thing you know i'm coming to with an illinois police officer yelling my name and i'm nude and i'm like wtf? wtf is going on here? hyper glam way to start the day...well, in my case it was start of the afternoon.

this whole "resting" thing would be so much easier if i wasn't aware of how much stuff was not getting done and it makes me sad that in one of my jobs things just don't happen at all if i don't do i feel like the whole program's a disaster right now because, hell, i can't call on anyone on staff to do anything because we never have meetings, we never have anyone assigned to helping with any of the if i'm not there...see dr. b? this is how i end up feeling like i'm holding up the whole world and i feel guilty that i can't do it.

so what am i doing about it at this exact moment? knitting another scarf (why?) and watching last night's amazing race on tivo and drinking some coffee...because you know it's a bad day when you get woken up by a police officer...i give up. i give up on today, that is. tomorrow will just have to be different somehow.

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Mo said...

well, the semesters almost over. and you wont have to do anything re: wimse so that will take a load off :D
what does your summer look like? less hectic?