Sunday, April 23, 2006

helsinki disco walking man

helsinki disco walking man
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so the test isn't written yet and i need to figure out if i'm going to have a review session to guide people to...what? what exactly is going to be on the exam?

in indy, at the children's museum, i saw the artifacts of my life including the album of the first r-rated movie i saw...saturday night fever...which reminded me of my helsinki sign from a couple years ago...

and i have to wonder why that museum had so much archived from my k-12 years...maybe the museum archivists are my age? although, surprisingly, chris didn't remember the age of rented telephones and thought that i was misremembering 8-track tapes...but who could forget being scarred by the endless gordon lightfoot playing throughout the

and as a shout out to loria...steady rollin', bob margolin...

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