Saturday, April 08, 2006

so if you like my eye, you can read this interview with me in the italian game journal videoludica. i mean you can read it even if you don't like my eye too. that's fine. the interview was pretty babelfished, though, but, eh, what can you do?

did i ever tell you about the movie snafu from a week ago? so housing sent us the movie pulse, a japanese thriller...only they didn't. i mean they did send me a movie with the same name...but unfortunately it was pulse, a 1988 film with joey lawrence in it. yeah. shit.

then if that weren't at the museum? total bust. i mean i was proud as hell at what the girls and i were able to pull together in such a short span of time and i really think it ended up being one of the most interesting shows of the year...only maybe 9 kids showed up. why? oh...because THEY DIDN'T FUCKING ADVERTISE IT. yeah. all that shit about how they couldn't move the date because the ads went out...only they never went out. and the dumbass they hired who doesn't seem to realize that he works at the museum yet just sat around asking me if the people who worked there before him did anything during these events. yeah, dude...they RAN the events. remember? you have the job that pays money? we are the volunteers? so i about hit him over the head when we left as he said "thanks" in a way that suggested we'd rented out the beach house and left it a mess instead of an "omg, thanks for doing my job because i'm an absolutely clueless human being who can't really figure out why exactly they hired me here because my only qualification was working at best buy but it was cool cause i totally saved the money while i lived at home and then i lived on that money while i went on the road with my buddy's band" kind of way.

super fun, boys and girls. super fun.

so i haven't decided what kind of letter to write and to who about the whole fucking messed up situation and at dinner some of us know? maybe they hired him because they WANT the museum to close so that they can turn the whole building into a renovated theatre with a restaurant out front...because, you know, the renovation of the isn't really happening we've noticed...

oh please tell me that this town isn't as super fucked up as all the rest...that's it. i'm moving to another country. this shit's getting old.


Mo said...

holy fucking shit. are you for serious?!!? you need to give me this guy's email or something. for real. i will TAKE HIS JOB FOR LIKE MINIMUM WAGE AND I WOULD DO A BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN HIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
HE was supposed to do the advertising?! and he DIDNT?! yet we had it this past weekend ANYWAY!?
motherfuck, lets just do it again on the weekend we originally planned.
yeah i walked into the theater on friday... nothing has really moved since weve been in there.. plus, where were they planning to put all that stuff?
i just have to wonder: lies or incompetence? i wish i didnt already have a guess.

Richard said...

Another country... since so many people are going to Costa Rica, why not go to the Netherlands instead... ?

VRGirl said...

yeah, great idea! :) why go to costa rica? that would be crazy -- the whole world's being shipped there by the airlines, after all. besides, it would derail my learning to speak dutch plans.

VRGirl said...

exactly, mo...yeah i was thinking about that all last "wtf? does he really not realize that the whole thing was HIS job and that we were doing HIS job?"

ugh...i have to figure out who exactly to call/email about this whole thing. this is insane and i just can't let it roll off like it was no big deal. it is a big deal!