Monday, April 10, 2006

i think that i just have to start showering in the evenings or my hair will never get done otherwise...the way i've been so tired lately, the idea of getting out of bed and getting one less hour of sleep to deal with my tangled mop of hair, to straighten it or at least make sure it doesn't turn into frizz city and that's such a narcissistic thing to say...or is it? i mean maybe it's narcissistic to not look my best because, oh, these are people that know me...why should i make such an effort? but, ugh...this is a stupid blog post about superficial things...but it only makes me crazy that things like this enter my mind when i should be research, researching, researching right now...shouldn't i look like the exhausted grad student a step away from being locked up instead of having straightened hair? i guess it's also me trying to look better than i feel and that i feel like i must look given my physical state at the moment.

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