Monday, July 09, 2001

you know a web trend that i really don't understand? those web sites that spawn a pop up window and the entire web site is contained in that pop up window...and the main windown only has a single line of text or something that says if a window hasn't popped up, click here. you see this in movie web sites all the time. i mean, first off...i really hate pop up windows. i hate that stupid pop up window that comes up every fucking time you go to amazon (which i finally saw the hq of the other's in an old veteran's hospital building and it shows!), all those pop up ads that are appearing everywhere, etc. i swear to god that all it does is completely piss me off and NOT make me want to buy that product (you hear that marketing geniuses?). so where the hell did this "website in a pop up window" idea come from? it's not like the pop up window is a floating menu either...the ENTIRE site is contained in that window. ugh. stupid web tricks.

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