Thursday, July 12, 2001

ok...big project going on at work right now and i feel like absolute death. i feel like death or am i feeling like i am dead? or dying? what exactly is it that i am feeling? if i feel like death does that mean that i feel like i am taking life away from other people? no...that's not quite right. or at least i don't think that it's quite right.

anyway, what a funding snafu back at the ranch, eh? the picture is starting to look a lot less bleak though. and btw, if anyone is wondering if the offer has been made for me to stay out here on a more permanent has been.

and i said no. there are, after all, promises to keep. and miles to go. but besides all that...i think that at the beginning of the summer i was feeling so burned out that perhaps the thought of leaving c-u for good was very, very, VERY appealing. but now i think that i have gotten what i need out of this whole experience...the light at the end of the tunnel. and now i know that it is not only there but it is much brighter than i thought.

and isn't that something.

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