Thursday, July 05, 2001

listening to the remainder of the fireworks...thinking about the 4th in year's past. i've never really been a fan of the 4th. for some reason the 4th was always such a stressful time. we were always running late, we could never find a place that was good enough to watch the fireworks, they always lasted for much less time than they should have for the effort put forth, and it was always hours before we could get home when they were over. there was always something sad about the 4th though...i remember crying on the 4th quite a bit. it's kind of like that same sadness that i used to get as a kid on sunday nights after the wonderful world of disney, that same inexplicable sadness that my dad says that he felt. but i feel ok today...probably best to ignore the whole thing, right?

how are you, aj?

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