Monday, July 23, 2001

so this weekend ended up playing out much differently than i had originally thought...although it was such a back and forth week with regard to phone calls, reservations, etc that i wonder if i really had any concept of what was actually going to happen this weekend. not that we ever really know...but that's neither here nor there. my dad called today from national en route to reno via o'hare. i couldn't help feeling bad for him with regard to the whole thing.

anyway, i'm back in the loop now and i have another test to run at work this week. i had another amazing weekend despite all the oddness going into it. it's a really nice feeling. i should have known that "the emerald city" would bring such things...

one question before i sign off for the night...who is this aaron carter kid that they keep advertising on mtv? apparently he's the brother of a backstreet boy...but that means zero to me. it's the worst ad campaign that i have seen and they are giving away a ton of stuff when you order his cd. bad sign, kid...whoever you are.

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