Sunday, February 26, 2006

it's unofficials time again (yeah, that's a link to last year's memorable account) and i'm glad that i don't have another friday class this year, lol. will i partake?'s more for the young and i've already lived that scene with different backdrops and storylines. as i always tell all my girls, just be careful, ok? that always seems to get a surprise reaction from them and then i realize, oh yeah...i'm old. :) but, yeah, hell yeah...i can promise you this...i was once young(er) and i have stories and stories that i could tell you for a whole year and still not cover the half of it.

chris was right, steve was right, jesse was IS fucking hilarious looking back to last! the main problem was that they forgot and left a few sober people in the class who went straight to the dean...and me dealing with administrative shit is never an endearing thing...

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