Monday, February 27, 2006

up late...yeah, listening to the dissertation mix again and trying to code "unexpected findings" in the four transcripts i've gotten back so far. while i was searching for that inquiry circle after looking more carefully at the exchanges between one of my dyads, i found a wiki space that chip started on writing the dissertation. at first i thought oh, is how they talk to one another in this game environment inquiry with a big 'I'? or can there be shorter, small 'i' inquiries...and is the inquiry cycle really what i should be looking for in my transcripts? i mean i *could* go through and code each transcript based on frequency counts of the inquiry circle...or maybe look how different parts of inquiry circle and see how the circle isn't so clean...maybe looking like chains of a sort where one inquiry begins, a different inquiry begins, the first inquiry ends, then the second inquiry ends, thus showing the interleved learning throughout...but that's "too clean" and real we really pass through these formal parts of inquiry in everything we do? lol...ok, i'm now picturing showing my committee this mob of circles all over the place and needing a wide screen tv and so maybe i should have my defense in the lobby of the seibel center at the big ass tv across from the cafe. maybe that's not quite the right analysis i want to go with...

anyway, dammit chip...i now see what you mean about the dissertation as inquiry process's my fucking inquiry that's driving this thing. oy. we're in for a bumpy ride.

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