Monday, February 27, 2006

i really do understand what my wimses say about the dorm food with a me it does taste ok...but i know all about the monotony of it all. i mean we were all there at some point and i remember when we found out that the virginia government had prioritized things so that the jails got better food than the universities and i remember chrissan and kellie and kate and i going to owens because they at least always had hamburgers and we fooled ourselves into thinking that if we doctored them enough with all kinds of crap that they would somehow taste somewhat normal...and i laugh when i see the girls in the dorm doctoring their cereal with ice cream or putting a ton of bbq sauce on potatoes or eating nothing but tortilla chips and cheese or mixing sodas together...and i think, damn, it's a good thing they have things like late night these days because maybe that cuts down on all the pizza ordering but maybe it doesn't, i don't know, but late night seems to be ui's equivalent of owens back at i think that the pizza ordering is probably unchanged over the generation switch...especially now that you can order cookies for delivery...but they'll never have the calzones from backstreets that we had...

wow. it's been years.


Mo said...

acutally, late nite sucks ass too.
i had a chicken patty sammich from there not too long ago and i had the WORST stomache craps that night.. bleh it felt like i ate some razor blades or something.

VRGirl said...

ugh...well, then it sounds like our owens dining hall back in the day (note i said "in the day" and not "in MY day) :)

the main advantage you have over use is prepacked foods and drinks you can take to go...we didn't have anything like that.

that being said...we DID have 7-elevens...why the FUCK does this town not have a single 7-eleven?