Friday, March 04, 2005

wow. so this is a new one on me. hfg it's march, by the way. so the uni has this unoffical st. patrick's day so that the bars can make money on st. patrick's day, which usually falls over spring break (or at least when the undergrads have started leaving for spring break). i'm a ta for a class that meets on friday afternoon. "unofficials was today, a friday. bars opened at 8am.

ok. so what. i did shit like that when i was their age. the catch was the day that their group projects were due...and i couldn't reschedule it because it's a multisection class and the schedule was set by the lecturer, not me. well, i knew it was coming up, i told my class to please hold off in drinking until after their presentations. and they didn't. and boy...boy, they didn't. 3/4 were completely drunk. they might think that they were able to pull it off, that maybe i wouldn't notice how loud they were talking, the slurred speech, the incoherent statements, the way their eyes glazed over. but they would be wrong. who better to tell than someone who knows all the signs because they've done it themselves? i guess.

oh...if only they hadn't put me into this position...fuck.

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