Monday, April 30, 2001

question: how am i going to get all that i have to get done finished before i leave next week??

answer: i'm not.

anyway, i think that jesse is going to be mad at me forever about not going to that party. i just didn't feel like it, i wasn't feeling well, and, dammit, why am i always the one who has to walk through 800 miles of snow? besides, i don't think that you should drive under the influence of that many pain killers. and if he wanted to go so badly, why didn't he just go? and really...was he really planning on hanging around with me at the party? of course not...just like the last time when i was forced to dance with THE drunkest guy at the party while jesse was walking around the outside of the house, pretending to be lee harvey oswald. of course the whole damn thing was a front for a G.E.O. rally. and you know how i feel about them.

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