Wednesday, April 25, 2001

everything's looking good with my human subjects forms. i picked up carolyn's dissertation today so that i can deposit it for her is that thing HUGE. it about broke my back carrying the THREE copies to my car, which was 6 blocks away (why is there no parking on the south end of campus this week? what's going on?). oh, and i saw george who is sick of being TBA and finally told the college to cut that crap out. i don't blame him...who would want weekly reminders of being TBA? that's "to be announced" for those not reading the college announcements. and if you are not reading the announcements, i will spare you the pain of knowing what we know.

i am so damn tired today. but i guess that's what you get when you live a double life as...kathy holt, teaching assistant. seriously, though, i am tired to the core. oh...and will you be able to have your prelim defended before you go? i guess maybe kathy holt, teaching assistant, could have done it but then she's forever frozen in time at 28. ah, the stuff of legends.

...and miles to go before i sleep...

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