Friday, April 20, 2001

baby, if you've ever wondered...

i thought that was as good of a beginning to this thing as anything else, esp. since it *is* my favorite show of all time. sad, eh?

so here it web log that begins with my final weeks before i head out to redmond from ol' chambana (ok, yeah, that was a shameless plug for the local music scene but what can you do?). that's right. i'm heading out for a summer graduate internship with microsoft. looks like i am heading out there just in time for the seattle film festival for indy films. so you'll get a chance to keep up with my happenings this summer and beyond.

anyway, it's now past 2am and i am finally coming off my java buzz. cece'll be thankful...she unfortunately had to witness my manic excitement over filling out my human subjects research forms, particularly my anal retentive behavior over the consent letters. you'd think that i was going to be working with infectious diseases and gaming...but christ...this is just about video games, isn't it? i guess all of this was much better than my crazed behavior of last evening over the now VERY long gone jason and the whole mess with that crazy idea about taking that job in that armpit of a city, not far from here. that is until i realized exactly how much help those people needed and then realizing that they needed more miracles than i could possibly provide...this is a call for web pages that SUCK. not that mine's that great...but DAMN!!!

fav site of the day...hmm...well, there's always FuckedCompany. it's all full of squishy goodness about the carefree dot coms.

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