Friday, January 27, 2012


for all the 13 years i've known him artificial intelligence has been his life...even after fading away from our overlords...he still collects, reads, notates, and thinks deeply about it all. if i've had to think of anyone who should have finished never could, it's j. for me? once i'd decided that the path i was on was no longer interesting to me, once i realized that i would never been healthy enough to stay in this area...i bid adieu. but watching j this past week...well, i broke down in tears when i heard his answer to my questions: "will you always chase it?"after he said yes...i cried. he asked me to me to calm down, man, it's not that big a deal. but it is because the world may never hear of the work of one it's greatest minds because this stupid place couldn't figure out how to nurture it.

 as for me? was i ever one of it's greatest minds? one of the most controversial, maddening, emotional, angry ones for sure...greatest? sometime the greatest choice is not to play.


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