Saturday, July 23, 2011

after less than three hours of sleep, i'm wide awake thanks to the prescription of "v" that the doctor gave me for the back pain... that is, until the shots that are on the way... in which i might need more, as they are supposed to be painful -- depending on who you ask -- either during or two days after. of course my not sleeping well because "v" gives me insomnia and the travel may leave me with a cold... which will mean postponing it until that goes away. ugh. so i really need to try and sleep some more but the sun is open for business at my parent's house and there's no getting away from that. and i never sleep well the first night i'm in a different bed and this mattress is not my old one from the old house... and it's not my crappy one from my apartment... am i the princess and the pea, or what?

so tired... maybe i'd better just log off and try and get some more sleep... if i can?

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