Thursday, February 01, 2007

at some point, can something, anything be forgiven? i feel like a crook, i feel like a defrauder...i feel like throwing up. not that i haven't been lately. pneumonia and then the pain day all criss-crossed into several magical ER visits and i feel like screaming to the world "OK I GET IT. I FUCKED UP. BUT DO YOU NEED TO REMIND ME OF THAT EVERY 15 MINUTES VIA EMAIL?????"'s the registration crap, again. i'm just so fed up and i'm sick of administrative types telling me that i'm irresponsible (how exactly could that be absolutely and so resolutely true?)...not once, but several times a day. it's days like these that make you want to crawl under a rock and die.

the funny part..."funny" part...was that it took me all damn day to get off my floor yesterday and when i finally did and went to work? i was told to go home because i was fired. at least temporarily. so they say.

on your way home, could someone pick me up a break from the store? seriously, i'm barely holding on...

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yanni s. said...

heeellooooooo!! don't feel bad!!!! i mean it happens to the best of us!! yes yes!! Since this is all just temporarily thing then given time it will all get back to normal right??? well i am betting my false teeth it will. lol At least now you don't have to struggle to get off of the floor to get to work... at least temporarily. :D Take this time to get some much deserved rest. We will all wait for you to get back!! ooo or maybe ill take up my TA duties and start whipping them all into video master shape!!! mwahhahahahahahhaha :D