Tuesday, February 20, 2007

1, 3...stab with running start...2...slow injection, pain and the advise to get a regular doctor: "i'd suggest looking into getting a regular obgyn if this pain keeps happening every month." yeah? i'd suggest getting a new job. out of town is no longer an option and everything's turned into a great big theatre of the absurd with plastic bag licking ladies at the pharmacy, extended families in the waiting room with snacks for everyone, and my chart's been flagged obviously and we laughed when you mentioned the obgyn because it was too long a story and you didn't want to hear it anyway.

and facebook remains completely unbelievable and now scholars face lawsuits and when the fuck did we lose our right to free speech?

but the chief is dead...and this article is classic...oh it's funny when reunions occur in the strangest places. now if i can only convince people to stop being martyrs, life would be good. well, it would be mediocre.

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Mo said...

your blog keeps crashing my browser!! jees.


hahha that snow picture cracked me up. i think its starting to spring here... it was like 50 degrees out today :) but i hear its not so freezing out there anymore.