Thursday, January 25, 2007

ok i get it. i've completely fucked up in every way, i was stalin in the last life, i don't deserve healthcare and my own father said that "healthcare isn't for people like you who don't contribute to society" thus not even attempting to help me out, even in the form of a loan at 5 trillion percent interest.

i get it. i get that everyone's job on the whole planet is in jeopardy because i cannot get a simple fucking set of forms through to even get my own job back, i understand that i've let every person possible down because i'm not the superhero i'm supposed to be, i understand that even if i'm living in a box on the street corner that the act of putting in my payroll hours is so trivial compared with how much others suffer more.

i get it. i really, really do. but is it possible to go ahead and let me work on my dissertation for even one day without having to confess all my sins all day, every day or can you at least cut me a little bit of slack on the hail marys? i will pay them back with interest but please...fucking hell please...can i just get one -- i admit completely undeserved -- break just this one time?

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