Wednesday, May 05, 2004

ack sorry about the posting hiatus -- internet access in prague was less easily found than in vienna with the bignet sites and...i was just too damn busy anyway. :) so the czech republic is now part of the eu as i said and there was a big celebration complete with some really, uh, odd music groups in the old town square. and as we left prague, there was a nice old man (ask me about his eyebrows!!!!) who was learning american english and was so excited to talk to us so that he could practice up for his upcoming visit to chicago for his son's wedding and by some miracle our train back to vienna didn't catch on fire like our other train did so we didn't have to switch to a super slow stop-by-stop train.

now it's our last full day here in europe before we head back to the states tomorrow morning and it's been a crazy wild ride and i feel super creatively inspired now so watch out!!!! talk to you all soon. hugs (loria - haha).

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