Friday, April 23, 2004

omg...ok it's 2:25 in the afternoon and i'm talking to ya live...from the hotel beim theresianum in vienna. yes i am still getting used to these german wasn't just a fluke back at that internet kiosk in düsseldorf. crazy. ok so i said that i got a passport stamp in düsseldorf...guess where i didn't get one? uh, there was like zero care in the world at the vienna airport. you just walked through either the eu or the non-eu door and there was no one there, no one standing there...nothing. somehow despite being completely exhausted and probably scaring the absolute hell out of the kid at the reception desk, i checked in and now the question i go out and about or do i take a major major sleep session? damn it is so beautiful out's about 70 degrees out, sunny, beautiful -- psst chris read that last bit again...and that train from the airport? you can't miss it -- it's called CAT and there are big green signs. take u3 to stephansplatz, switch to the u1 line you know the rest. the hotel is very close to the u-bahn station.

ah, so it's crazy beautiful and when i typed crazy just then i spelled it like crayz because the y and the z are reversed on the know...i'm going and taking a shower. i stink.

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