Saturday, April 24, 2004

8:25ish in the evening and it's raining and today it was freezing and hot and sunny and rainy across the region...i just ate some wienerschnitzl from some place up the street before i got back to my hotel that i finally found again after botching the street name pronunciation to everyone i said it to while making my way back from the u-bahn station that was a lot easier to get back from yesterday when i'd been up for over 24 hours and what the hell does that say? favoritstra├če = favoritstrasse = favorite street. and, yes, i just wrote that last bit so i could write the ├č.

so i spent the day in bratislava and i'm too tired to say much more than it's a strange experience to not hear the language that's in your head all day long and it seems that everyone in the world has seen that george w. bush cartoon that shows his picture next to a monkey, don't they look the same and all i can do is say, yeah...sorry about that...but central europe doesn't seem to buy the "but he wasn't REALLY elected" excuse anymore and they have a point...the election was a little too close to do anything but just apologize over and over about the whole damn thing.

black and yellowed welts on my shoulders from carrying my backpack yesterday and actually i think they are from my shoulder bag that has all my lomo cameras and that damn "portable" dvd player in it and tori amos is playing on the radio in the lobby of the hotel beim theresianum and it's raining out and i miss you but you'll be here soon and, truth be told, you are the one i've been talking to all day in my mind.

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