Sunday, April 25, 2004

cold and windy and yet sunny so it was a perfect weather day for me and i learned that everything is closed on sunday, well, a LOT of things are closed on sunday including grocery stores, etc. but the museums were open and i went to the modern art gallery and saw the porträt exhibit, which was absolutely fucking amazing and when you get here, we will go see it because it deserves a second visit and the museumsquartier is like an art paradise and i learned for myself that you really can spend hours sitting at a cafe, outside, watching all the hipsters and pigeons parade past.

while the u-bahn is amazing and easy to understand, i cannot figure out how the hell one buys train tickets, say, from the südbahnhof down the street and, no, i don't want tickets for the bus to bratislava but where the hell do i get train tickets to praha from...ok, right, südbahnhof...established already. where where where at the station do i buy them am i missing something?

jun, keith, and randy have been sighted in vienna, going in to the austria centre as i went out and they were going to spend the day working and i was going to spend the day playing and so we parted ways and hopefully i'll catch up with them again later on but they seemed dazed beyond belief so i don't know about their plans for later on. if they had been with me, they'd have seen some of the amazing things that i saw like the lady at the wienerschnitzl place who parked her red car on the sidewalk, ran in to do her makeup in front of the mirrored walls, and ran out of there in her red suit and everyone, including me, got the joke...

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