Sunday, October 20, 2002

yeah, it's pretty late again and lately i haven't been able to fall asleep before 3 or 4am. i'm not sure what exactly i did all day but it doesn't seem to have been all that much. i did finish another journal today and it dawned on me that maybe i should go get a new one tomorrow for my trip, one that doesn't have metal covers with sharpish edges like the others i have in reserve. i'm not sure that airport security would exactly dig that. i could use my leopard print journal but i'd already promised myself that i'd use that as my next research journal instead...because nothing says *legit academic* like leopard print, you know?

haha. ever flip through the channels at this time of night and survey the infomercials that are on? there's this "flavor express deluxe injector and decorator kit" on now that basically lets you add cream filling to cake-like substances. and, yes, while it *is* quite a super bargain at only $12.67, i'm thinking that you could, oh say, BUY SOME FUCKING TWINKIES and save yourself some trouble.

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