Friday, October 18, 2002

so the people in the human subjects research office told me today that they'd come to a consensus, that they liked my hair better when it was red. and you know what that hair all winter long! YAY!

oh...apparently i was one of the three big winners of the psych happy hour "plagiarize a song contest" (ok, there were only three entries so everyone "won") with my version of king of pain. wildly funny if you are doing research in psych. anyone else would probably say that it's time to up the meds again. but speaking of meds or psychosis/neurosis/thesis...beads. beads. beads. what the FUCK was going on this afternoon at the coffee shop at krannart art? oh right...THAT'S a good idea. go move to fucking new mexico and make beaded necklaces with a PhD. where's commencement this year? at the psych ward at carle?

ok sorry. i'll try to be more "E for everyone" next time.

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