Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what's in a name?

it's been many years and i'm surprised googlism is still around. so i checked the listings for my last name, hinn, for some laughs and this time got the following info about it:

  • hinn is a kook
  • hinn is evidence that there is no god
  • hinn is a mystic hindu
  • hinn is a 40
  • hinn is an american neo
  • hinn is either truly crazy or downright evil
  • hinn is heavily guarded
  • hinn is moving to dallas to be close to the ministry's law firm
  • hinn is an impressively slick televangelist operation
  • hinn is about as enjoyable for me as listening to someone’s fingernails grate across a blackboard
  • hinn is one of the most successful preachers on earth today and arguably the best
  • hinn is an admitted necromancer
  • hinn is coming to town
  • hinn is a 49
  • hinn is a spiritual superstar
  • hinn is very sincere
  • hinn is a well
  • hinn is proof of this
  • hinn is the poster child for horrendous theology
  • hinn is about the best thing since sliced bread 
  • hinn is one of those or not
  • hinn is empowered by a false spirit
  • hinn is teaching heresy
  • hinn is coming to auckland
  • hinn is a circus freak
  • hinn is issued there is a change in the patient's status and the hospital feels that care would be covered
  • hinn is president of cove holding


Charlie Jackson said...

Wow, that's one heck of a name you've got :P And there's this, too:

michelle hinn is offered in several formats

LOL I had to search mine as well, thanks for pointing this out!

gazelledeerdoe said...

this stuff is interesting to look at. keep posting things, please.