Sunday, January 06, 2008

this just in! new banned word: wayfinding

uh...why are we so lost? do we need to be found? do we need to fit into a model or framework before we are found? are we all just walking around waiting for someone to put us in a category so we can accept it and move on or rally against it until a new model or framework comes along that makes us feel like we are finally understood because we have a label that feels like home to us, because we have the second part of the note pinned to the inside of our jackets: if lost, please _____ .


really? does that explain everything or anything at all? wayfinding. is that even a real word? if i remember my dante some point, in the middle of our lives, we realized we had lost our way on the path. what path? oh yeah...the one that we are trying to describe with our frameworks and models. now i remember.

levels of heaven and hell and the in between. hell is other robots.

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