Sunday, January 06, 2008

banned words of the day: framework and model

why? because if i have to read one more fucking article that suggests a framework or model for "understanding" whatever it is we are supposed to be informed about, i might implode. seriously. why, why, why must we be bombarded by endless babble about how to group things together and when grouped what we should call them. enough!

the next conference call for papers i get in my email is going to get a proposal from me called "frameworks and models: challenges and realities" that is essentially going to be about nothing at all. the challenge: must we have so many fucking frameworks and models versus actual content? the reality: we don't need to have endless droning on and on and on and on because all that it is is academic head-in-the-sand behavior all about avoiding working on actual solutions. that's's avoidance behavior...overintellectualizing things to the point that whatever it is we are trying to put into a framework or modeling gets lost.

maybe i'm wrong. who the fuck knows. maybe i need a framework for understanding models or vice versa. fuck...maybe i need a framework for understanding myself. hahaha. how many minutes of droning could i get in on that topic (again) before dr. b tells me that i'm avoiding the question?

the thing is...what was the question again?

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