Thursday, March 15, 2007

any minute now and i'll need to go in for the monthly shot now that it's started again. c said that i woke him up last night to say "oh my god! virginia tech is playing illinois in basketball this friday!!!! my undergrad versus grad school!!!!" which is hilarious if you consider how much i hate both places and then after he told me this morning i said " know dr. b's gonna say...evil parent versus evil parent."

so london's been axed courtesy of housing and the worst of it would be that if i could have only made it to london, i'd been covered by UIUC travel insurance...the first time i've been insured in nine months. and i owe over $20 grand now's gone to collection. so good luck, me, in ever seeing a decent credit report score...ever.

so i have to figure this all out and everything's a mess and i wish people would leave me alone for just one fucking second so i can breathe...and sort all this out.

and i miss you more than you could ever know.

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