Sunday, January 29, 2006

so the latest "four things" list is going around and i've deleted a few categories because i just didn't feel like answering them or thinking about answering them.

four jobs i've had...
  1. conference planner. a nightmare grad assistantship that required me to figure out who could make the best quality shrimp something-or-another for the best price
  2. key cutter. i now have a strange fondness for the kw-1 key blank
  3. window dresser. ok, maybe the dead flower and christmas tragedy scene was overkill...
  4. technical whore. another in a series of deadend boring-ass assistantships that required me to monitor electronic gradebook software...
four movies i can watch over and over...
  1. the fifth element
  2. defending your life
  3. good bye, lenin
  4. monsoon wedding
four places i've lived...
  1. a house i don't remember, washington, dc.
  2. an apartment on 15th and republican in capitol hill, seattle.
  3. a townhouse in blacksburg, virginia with four roommates, all of us in varying states of insanity.
  4. a flat in a council district in london.
four tv shows i love...
  1. frasier (i know...)
  2. er (i know...)
  3. dead like me (which is...dead)
  4. the daily show
four places i've vacationed...
  1. reykjavik, iceland
  2. amsterdam, netherlands
  3. taipei, taiwan
  4. st. petersburg, russia
four places i would rather be right now...
  1. seattle
  2. prague
  3. amsterdam
  4. vienna

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