Tuesday, August 03, 2004

hfg. august. so what's up with yet another friendster social network thingee, this orkut crap..."orkusphere" as pomo freaks with faux british accents summering in some delusional place in their own narcissistic fantasies like to refer to their "network" of "friends" as. oh did that sound insane? so sorry.

anyway, i'm off the hook again 'til mid september with the whole up and back to northwestern memorial thing. so it gives me time to practice not having my blood pressure go up to 3 trillion over -- well, whatever you get the joke -- and jumping off of tables threatening to cut any one that tries to come near me with an iv needle, speculum fresh out of the freezer, or insurance form...and i wonder to myself, and now to you, how do they get those things so damn cold...but not so cold that your cervix sticks to the speculum like your tongue on a frozen piece of playground equipment. seriously. how do they find that perfect temp?

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