Thursday, August 05, 2004

first off, kinkos still does and always will suck. but more importantly, my passport came back today with the russian visa inside in that is half "very old school soviet official looking complete with my name in the cyrillic alphabet pasted onto one page" and half "some kid messing around with a copier that stapled another piece of paper in there with something that probably says 'kick me' in russian." so now all there is to do is, uh, go. i guess?

so let's see...every time i get my god damn inbox down to just under 60 messages, it goes back up to 346 messages, all of which must be dealt with now, now, now, now. well, except for the 60 i haven't yet replied to because i want to send an actual reply and not just a "hey, i'm lame, shoot me please" message. so something is clearly fucked up that i can't reply to the 60 because i'm spending too much time trying to keep the rest at bay. some day i will catch up and reply to you all unless the email kills me first.

movie rec: the village. you will love the village. you will love the village. if you do not love the village you aren't trying hard enough.

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