Tuesday, December 17, 2002

i'm going to reach out and choke insight communications. for two months now my internet access has been absolute shit and they have already been out here twice and i'm sooooooo glad that they took over for excite@home when they went belly up. right.

anyway, i'm up working on my dissertation if you can believe that and i have to say...i'm getting a LOT bit sick of adding, deleting, re-adding, re-deleting my human subjects forms as appendices everytime someone changes their mind as to whether or not it should be in the document. i'm thinking about turning in old drafts as new drafts every now and again just to see what happens. but you know...at this point i'm just at the "fine...you want me to say that i love pickled herring in chapter four? fine..." stage of writing.

it's true. they've beaten me down.

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