Tuesday, September 11, 2001

my worst childhood nightmare came true today and it seems that dc is now under a state of emergency. remembering high school during the reagan years...all those fears about dying back then and there...finally beginning to feel safe many, many years later. now what? jesse said that his family was fine but was shaken...the world trade center is so close to where his dad lives. i called loria this morning to see if i could get through to anyone in the dc area since i couldn't connect at all to my parents. her brother-in-law works at the pentagon...no word yet...no word about whether they will be able to come out west. thinking of ian getting called for national guard duty. wondering who will sleep at all tonight.

the company encouraged us to work from home as we saw fit, depending on our personal situations. many of us did exactly that...i just couldn't handle listening to the sounds of gunfire from whatever video game we were testing today. didn't it seem weird to all of you watching the tv? hard to comprehend that it was even real? they are drawing parallels between today and pearl harbor...i wonder how many people then felt the same, felt like what they were hearing about was completely surreal? seems all the more so being out here on the west coast. the space needle has a flag flying on top...eerie seeing it down the hill, wondering if it would be targeted. i took a couple of pictures of it for fear that the next time i walked down to broadway, it, too, would no longer be there.

it looks like it didn't take a lot of time for people to fire up their racial statements on the web. stop the hate, people...stop the hate.

my thoughts go out to all of you.

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