Wednesday, September 12, 2001

everywhere bloggers are posting their thoughts of today's events. greg and i are both sick from watching all the news and yet we cannot stop watching the news. i started crying a little bit ago when they told the story of yet another plane passenger with a cell phone who called his mother right before he died. how could that not get to anyone? i thought about how hard it was to call my own mother this morning due to all the phone line jams in dc and new york.

i'm gravely worried about mary and can't find out who was on the united flight. she's a flight attendent for united and flies to LA a lot. no one can find out any information yet...and i can't help but worry. i was telling greg on sunday about how she became part of our group all those years back in high school...i guess i can't help but have her on my mind right now. i hope that she's ok.

claire sent a note from new zealand to tell me how they were just waking up to the news and that, they too, were in a state of complete shock. i feel like i wrote her back for hours...i just had to tell someone who wasn't here about the whole thing.

it's eerie out...all day it was eerie. everywhere hushed talk of what had happened, who they knew in new york and dc...what happens next. tonight, the flag that they placed on the space needle is illuminated. it's a pretty powerful thing to look at. but when we were walking around this afternoon, getting bagels from a "new york style" bagel place (with the world trade center in the logo...very sad to look at) was hard not to notice how beautiful the weather was. and isn't that strange?

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