Monday, November 22, 2010

did I mention that my therapist dumped me the other day? oh yeah he did - and in one of the shittier days I've had in a while. after eight years and boom that's it. I already knew the words before he said them aloud: "we've gone as far as our journey can take us and my door is always open to you but our time here is up."

that's nice. sure we can have a few debrief sessions but why? I mean wasn't that pretty damn clear? it's not him, it's me. Or do I have that backward? no, no, I think I have it just right.

and given how little time I have in champaign, does it REALLY make any sense to start again, here and now, with someone new? because by the time I tell them enough to go by about me, it will be "gee doc...our time here is up."

fuck him. fuck all therapists. I mean what the fuck?

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