Thursday, April 10, 2008

much like the i am, up late at night, with stacks of books from the library, human subjects forms, and thinking about pulling out my hair (although i think i've done a pretty good job so far without thinking about it...don't less than 10 days until the 7 year anniversary of this blog...crazy, huh? 7 year itch?

if there's a purgatory, i'm pretty sure i've been in it for the long haul and it's time to move on. i've been not writing the book chapter that i need to write all week and now it's friday and, fuck, where did the week go?

chris is in colorado until sunday and i'm running around trying to plan a conference day for early may and i'm almost tempted to drive most of the apartment to our storage unit because i think if i don't...i'll never exit purgatory, this place between heaven and hell. and i'm not sure i've eaten an actual meal all week, yet i have been eating food-like substances.

man...i need a vacation...

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