Friday, March 07, 2008

i'm in one of those kind of blue modes right now and the memories keep flooding in during the dream and wake spaces both and i don't know how to sort them out...or where to sort them out...and i wonder...i still dream of organon.
i wake up cryin'.
you're making rain,
and you're just in reach,
when you and sleep escape me.
memories of my father...i know there have to be good ones in there, right? why can't i remember the good moments?you're like my yo-yo
that glowed in the dark.
what made it special
made it dangerous,
so i bury it
and forget.
sometimes all you can do is remain in a coma...but that's not enough, it's not in step with the world that forever changes...and you begin to realize how much has happened while you were away...but every time it rains,
you're here in my head,
like the sun coming out--
ooh, i just know that something good is gonna happen.
and i don't know when,
but just saying it could even make it happen.
didn't i know even back then that this would be the way things would go, where they would end up? it seems that i should have...on top of the world,
looking over the edge,
you could see them coming.
you looked too small
in their big, black car,
to be a threat to the men in power.
but there was never a chance to change things, to break the cycle of crazy because in the end you couldn't defect either...i hid my yo-yo
in the garden.
i can't hide you
from the government.
oh, god, daddy--
i won't forget.
there had been, after all, moments where we almost made it long past...but there were moments...

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